Global Awareness Month at Park April 2024

Michigan Global Trip

Park Bridgeport took a trip to Michigan in August to serve alongside our Global Partners in their urban ministry. Read about Stephanie's experience and how she is taking what she learned back to Chicago.
I was greatly blessed to be able to participate in a summer trip to Michigan to be able to witness the very caring and faithful work by the people there. I hadn’t gone with any specific expectations but left with a profound sense that God was doing a great work, and people were being invited into his Kingdom through friendship and service in the community. What was most touching was being able to hear from the people who have served in the area for over ten years and have put countless hours in waiting on the Lord to move and to change hearts.

One thing that was helpful to me was learning more about how the Discovery Bible Study is being used to share and to discuss Bible stories in a simple way that focuses more on the aspect of discipleship even before someone may come to Christ. It was so simple and useful to me that I and a fellow member of the trip shared what we learned in our Park small group. As someone who has been taught a lot of theology, this was a very simple tool that I learned is used all around the world to read and study God’s word.

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