Global Awareness Month at Park April 2024

Globally Engaged Kids

Maddy Hutchens, Children's and Youth Coordinator, shares how the youngest members of Park Rogers Park are being involved in God's work around the world.
Every month at Rogers Park we have a Global ministry time with our elementary kids. Last month we shared an update from the Browne family, who moved from our RP family to Ethiopia. Upon arrival, they were introduced to the neighborhood of Korah. It was designated as the area for outcast lepers and contained the city dump. They were also introduced to a school that educated the area's most vulnerable children.

We were able to share the story of 13 year old Solomon. Due to his family’s needs and lack of income, he was sent to the dump to scavenge for scrap food and recyclables to resell. More recently, he was able to be a part of the school and after two years in the program passed into grade 3! This fall, Solomon, along with other classmates, will enter into a public school for the first time. Their goal is to raise the $34,000 needed to keep this school operating for at least another year.  

It was encouraging to see our RP children so focused as we shared about this amazing ministry and Solomon's story. What a privilege that our kids get to see their own friends, who were seated next to them last year, now halfway across the world showing the love of Jesus to others. What a joy it was to then receive generous donations from some of the kids toward the cause. One child in particular donated their entire lemonade stand proceeds from this summer

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