Global Awareness Month at Park April 2024

10 Years of Impact

How Global Partner Mindy saw one international student impacted by Christ ten years later
Lily was the quietest one in the group, and we often never knew what she was thinking. However, I recently got a small glimpse of what God was doing inside her heart to transform her life and her family.

Ten years ago when I first started meeting international students, this quiet student from East Asia came to our welcome picnic, where she met one of my teammates who invited her for coffee. My teammate shared the gospel with her over coffee, but also asked about her life which was meaningful to Lily. The seed was planted in Lily's heart, and she joined our Bible study. After much research and Bible reading, she made the very thoughtful decision to follow Christ.

Not long after her decision to follow Jesus, she returned to her home in East Asia. Amidst difficult circumstances, she saw her mom and brother come to know Jesus and started a prayer group. Recently, I saw her in the States, where she was getting her master's degree from a Bible college.

Lily's story is a reminder to me that reaching an international student can impact family and friends living all over the world - some that are very difficult places to share the gospel. Thank you for partnering with me to help fulfill Jesus' command to make disciples of all nations. Lily's story encourages me to keep sowing those seeds.

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