Global Awareness Month at Park April 2024

A New Sister in Central Asia

Global Partners Christian and Stephanie moved to Central Asia to share the hope of Christ and recently witnessed God pursue their friend supernaturally.
About a year ago, we began meeting with a language tutor three times a week. We have gotten to know her well, having her over for dinner and even going on a trip with her. She's from a very unreached place in our country. She recently came over for dinner, and we quickly began to dive into a spiritual conversation about hearing God's voice.

With her, we prayed and asked Jesus to show her who he is and if there's anything He would like to reveal to her. She saw Jesus in front of a cross gesturing toward a path, and later saw a flock of sheep going over a hill towards light. We shared how Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and her joy was tangible. She said she knew God was talking to her.

Later, she mentioned how she dreams a lot about her mom, who passed away a few years ago, but could never see her face. Christian felt like God wanted to give a "gift" to our friend. God showed her a picture of her mom's face, and she was able to be cheek-to-cheek with her mom.

She began to weep and thank God, confessing that she wanted to follow Him all her days! We feel so privileged to see God pursuing His children. Please pray that God would give us wisdom in discipling her. Pray also against persecution and for a curiosity among those she shares her new faith.

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