Global Awareness Month at Park April 2024

A Yogurt Dream

Global Partner, K, shares how she is seeing her friend and her friend's family being drawn to Christ through unique means in the Middle East.
Tirzah is honest with her husband about her faith, and he has been willing to listen. One night when I visited them we even read Scripture together. Then he agreed to meet with a local pastor to hear more and ask questions. Tirzah’s mom was also in that meeting, and abruptly asked him a strange question:

“Do you like yogurt?”

He was shocked and told her, “It’s really weird you should ask me that, because I recently had a dream about 3 cups of yogurt. Someone was telling me to choose one of them, but I couldn’t choose because all of them were the same taste.”

Tirzah said, “See? It’s like the Trinity. You can’t choose between the Father, Son and Spirit because all of them are the same taste.”

That got his attention, and he listened without arguing for the rest of the meeting.

Another day he came with Tirzah to a gathering of believers. There he met the pastor and even invited him to visit their home.

Father, thank you for these opportunities for him to hear from you. Please keep speaking, and draw him to yourself!

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