What We Believe

Our Mission Convictions

Park's vision is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all people until there's no place left. When we think about the part that Park should play in the spread of the gospel around the world, we are driven by the following core convictions.


Our God is a missionary God and his desire is to see his glory spread among all peoples. (Psalm 67; Revelation 7:9-10; John 4:23) God is actively pursuing people from every tongue and tribe and people and nation to worship Him. 


Prayer is the fuel of global missions. There are things that God will do in
response to prayer that would not happen otherwise. Prayer is the primary mobilization strategy. (James 4:2; Matthew 9:36-37; Luke 10:2)


In order to do our part in completing the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) we seek to prioritize evangelism, making disciples and planting healthy reproducing churches, primarily among Unreached people groups.


The responsibility for assessing, equipping, sending out, sustaining and caring for its members serving cross-culturally belongs primarily to the local church. (Acts 13:1-3) Sending agencies have the responsibility to come alongside the local church. 


God speaks in many ways. While He makes Himself known in creation (Psalm 19:1-6; Romans 1:19-20) through dreams and visions (Genesis 15:1; Daniel; Acts 10:1-17) through His written word (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and in many other ways, ultimately He uses human vessels, equipped with His written word, to communicate the message of redemption and salvation. (Romans 10:13-15)


Because God wants the gospel message to be clear to the hearer, language and cultural acquisition are essential. We prioritize cross-cultural workers becoming fluent in the heart language and culture of the hearers.


We believe that a worker’s effectiveness usually increases with time spent on the field. Because of this, we ask potential goers to commit to a minimum of 3 years, but encourage them to go “until the job is finished.”


God calls every follower of Jesus to become globally informed and engaged. Both the goers and the senders are “fellow-workers with the truth” (3 John 8). Whether a person at Park is a goer or a sender is a secondary issue. That your heart beats with God’s in his pursuit of worshipers from every tribe and tongue and people and nation is the primary issue. This is what it means to be a Global Follower of Jesus.


Priority should be given to unreached people groups. (Rev. 7:9-11)


Ministry happens best within a team context. Jesus modeled ministry in a team. Throughout the book of Acts, Paul primarily ministered in the context of a team. We seek to send goers who are involved with teams.


Globalization and the migration of peoples have opened new doors for
ministry to the unreached peoples of the world. We will be flexible in our
strategies and utilize the open doors that God provides as he sovereignly
moves peoples around the world. (Acts 17:26-27) One implication of this is that we want to be intentional about reaching the unreached peoples wherever they are found: whether that is international students in the US, refugees in Jordan or in Chicago, or North African immigrants in southern Europe.


Global workers should partner with the indigenous church whenever
possible. In pioneer work among unengaged peoples, we will attempt to
partner with those in proximate people groups. Ultimately, our desire is to reproduce ourselves and raise up leaders from within the people group.


God will bring gifted and passionate people to Park who will help shape and fine-tune our global vision in the future. While Park has identified her global priorities, we don’t strictly limit our partnerships to those areas. We trust that God will bring people to us to further shape and stretch our vision and our reach globally.


We believe there are a variety of ways for people to make a gospel impact globally. God calls some to go in traditional missionary roles and some to go using their professional skills. We want to help equip and empower workers to go in whatever role possible.


Both the progress of the mission and the ongoing spiritual renewal of the worker are important.